About Us

Shanghai MEANS Electronics Co.,Ltd

We treasure employees at all levels and offer everyone a chance as well as a happy working environment to challenge the new world so as to raise their potential.
We devote ourselves to customers with all we have.
Do our best to provide customers a total high quality solution.
We offer customers unequal services to Exceed their Expectations.
We strive for market superiority to win customer satisfaction
We promote advanced technological solutions to the Chinese semiconductor industry.
We build a win-win platform for both customers and suppliers which leads our further success.

Shanghai MEANS Electronics Co., Ltd. is a trading company providing professional technology service in Semiconductor industry established in 1999.We devote to providing semiconductor packaging materials, electronics assembly materials, medical assembly material and technology. We are famous in semiconductor industry. We also have big service network and strong service team in Shanghai. We have got rich product line and technology solution with many years experiences. Please feel free to contact us for consultation and communication.

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