“SPM Product and Technology ”was held successfully on May.11

This seminar was presided by Shanghai Means Electronics Co., Ltd and Semiconductor Packaging Materials Company. It was started at 12.30~17.00 on May.11 in Shanghai Hua Ting Hotel.
    It was our great honour to invite fifty engineers to attend this seminar who are very professional in semiconductor industry.
    SPM-Mr.YS SEE(Sales Manager) and Mr. Zhenfeng Guo Ph.D.(Metallurgist) gave a lecture covering all the aspects of the SPM's products, such as Heavy AL Wire, Solder Wire, Copper Wire, etc.Especially participators took great interest in SPM's Copper Wire & Solder Wire. Mr.Guo answered the questions which is asked by participators in details.
    This seminar got success completely. Participators had a further communication together after the seminar.
    MEANS&SPM all expressed that they would like to hand on advanced technology to semiconductor manufactures and hold such conference in the future.
    We hope we could contribute to increase Chinese semiconductor Technology&Manufacture.